What We Fund

Foundation Priorities

Foundation Priorities Fall into Four Categories:

For most of our grants, the Foundation will only consider the grant applications of those organizations that have been invited to submit proposals. For those Shared Society or Jewish Life organizations interested in consideration, please visit the Shared Society or Jewish Life program pages. For those interested in submitting grant applications for our Sarcoma Research Grants program, please visit the Sarcoma Research program page.


  • Yale Child Study Center
    • The Riva Ariella Ritvo Professorship of Pediatric Oncology Psychosocial Services
    • The Max Ritvo And Alan B.Slifka Program For The Medical Humanities
  • Brandeis University
    • The Alan B. Slifka Professorship in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence
  • Columbia University
    • The Max Ritvo Fellowship
    • The Max Ritvo Poetry Series
  • The Abraham Joshua Heschel School NYC
    • The Alan B. Slifka Middle School