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The Alan B. Slifka Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to the pursuit of inclusion, diversity, peace and healing. The Foundation seeks to build a world safe for difference, celebrate the diversity of Jewish experience and expression in the U.S. and Israel, and to combat disease through cutting-edge biomedical research. We believe the development of inclusive, shared societies requires people-to-people interactions, creative and effective civil society, courageous and thoughtful political leadership and meaningful public policies. We encourage American and Israeli Jews to explore their Jewish identity and to embrace and respect the diversity of Jewish expression and the diversity of the societies in which they live. 

A healthier world is comprised of healthier people. Reflecting Refua shlema, the Jewish commitment to healing the sick, the Slifka Foundation is also dedicated to eradicating sarcoma and melanoma — two cancers that have directly impacted the Slifka family — and to innovative treatments for autism, the Foundation President’s area of expertise before she assumed primary responsibility for the Alan B. Slifka Foundation.